I was planning to go to this event tonight to see Avracavabrac perform impromptu/improvised theater (where the audience gives them suggestions by drawing a scene on a piece of paper). But as we didn’t have reservations we couldn’t get in. (Fortunately, in two weeks there’s even a proper match.) So I’ll have to wait again for my first chance to see such an event life.

Anyways, after wandering around for some time to find a place to dance salsa (“La Bomba” was not open yet, though it should have been. In “La Movida” nobody was dancing when we go there.) we ended up at a breakdance night in the Ateliver Volant (which usually opens its doors at 23h00, but the breakdance event was going on the whole afternoon/evening).

Yet another thing on the long lists of things I’d never seen live before (… except for 5 minutes or so performed by some street dancer). Pretty interesting dance culture. The “gang” forms a circle and one guy, oh excuse me, one b-boy (or b-girl) gets inside and shows his (or her) moves for some time (not longer than 1-2 minutes). Then the next person enters, etc. Usually people don’t applaud or cheer unless something was way cool. Too me pretty much everything was way cool.

To somebody who knows Bachata, breakdance is easy to describe: It’s exactly the opposite of Bachata. You dance it on your own and it consists solely of hard and fast movements.