To speak Geek you must know a fair amount of seemingly meaningless and random abbreviations (… or rather: you must give the appearance to know them). But car nuts also have their own language and it contains my current favorite abbreviation: OBD.

Now this could be a misspelled  abbreviation for Osama Bin-laDen but it actually refers to the on-board diagnostics system. I learned this word on Monday when the TÜV told me that the OBD lamp for the exhaust fume system should not be visible while the engine is running.

I also found out that the OBD gives error codes for the warning lamps and that one can read these out with the appropriate piece of hardware which then needs to be connected to your car. Anyways, I can barely tell a motorcycle from a pick-up truck, but now I at least won’t have to die without knowing what OBD stands for (… unless I’ll forget again).

I also had the small fault fixed today. Took 20 minutes for the mechanic (exchanging a piece which was apparently clogged up as I mostly use the car for short trips) and 6 hours for me (… 3 hours driving there … 3 hours driving back). But I had to get it fixed in Herbholzeim as that’s where I bought my car and due to the warranty the repair was free.