No, yesterday was not already Halloween, but when I saw so many people already in costume in the city centre I simply
couldn’t resist the temptation and hold back the desire to throw myself into costume and put on some make-up.

So, luckily, I was well prepared when some kids rang on my door at about 8pm. They where supposed to be devils and vampires
and I assume that, in the usual trick-or-treat fashion, they were supposed to scare me. So it was with great joy that I opened the door in my costume to scare them certainly more than they scared me.  🙂

Still, I didn’t manage to scare them away completely and when the moment of surprise had passed one of them still remembered to ask (in a weak voice) for some candy which I gave to them. I’m pretty sure that they won’t forget this particular door on their trick-or-treating trip.  🙂