Last night when I came home after swimming, I noticed in horror that I had neither any sweet chocolate nor any gummy bears (or the like) left! Fortunately, I managed to find some biscuits, but they did not have any chocolate on them and contained less than 500 calories per 100 gr, so they essentially qualified as diet food. If I hadn’t found the biscuits, I would have had to make myself a bowl of Choco Pops or even do some proper cooking and make myself some pasta with ready-made pesto. In both cases, I would have had to clean at least one bowl/pot and one spoon/fork afterwards. Horrible thought!

This morning things got worse, when I realized I had accidentally bought semi-skimmed milk with only 2.5% fat! Aaarggh!! But fortunately, I had some creme (for coctails) left, so I could pimp my milk a bit to at least ensure a minimum level of 4-5% of fat before mixing it with Choco Pops.

Why can’t there be clear labels on such kinds of food: “Warning! This item is low in fat and sugars!”