… and nobody knows about it.

I find it deeply worrying that the Tagesschau (probably the most respected German TV news) does not mention Eid al-Fitr (marking the end of Ramadan) with a single word. Together with Eid al-Adha (at the end of the Hajj) it’s (in my understanding) the most important Muslim holiday.

I think any world religion deserves enough respect to be at least mentioned on such a special occasion for 30 seconds on the news at prime-time.

Happy (belated) Eid al-Fitr to the roughly 1.5 billion Muslims in the world!


Later edit: Maybe I did not do justice to the Tagesschau. I thought that the end of the Ramadan was yesterday (Friday) but today the Tagesschau mentioned the celebrations and even has a small picture special online. Apologies to the hard-working people at the Tagesschau if my judgment was premature.