… but the thing that impressed me most was not the performance in the Circus Knie but the [free] photo exhibition outside.

I’ve never seen such a density of amazing animal photography before in my whole life. It was almost to much to stomach as you were tempted to just stare at each image for at least half a minute, but as there were at least 60 of them this would have taken too long. So it was a bit like reading a whole poetry book in half an hour. Much of the sensation was lost.

Fortunately, the pictures are also available online. Goodplanet.org

Unfortunately, online you don’t get to see the accompanying “message”. The pictures on display outside the circus all had one or two sentences with shocking statistics (relating to the deterioration of the environment or conflicts worldwide) about humankind. This juxtaposition of the horrible doings of mankind (in cold statistics) and the amazing beauty of nature (in fantastic photographs) created a perturbing tension … which lost part of its effect as one was simply overwhelmed with the density of the exhibition.