Just before leaving Maastricht Sunday afternoon, I saw something I’d like to see more often:

Two men kissing on the lips in public. (One was getting on the same train and they were saying goodbye.)

 The only thing that bothered me about this is that, for a split second, I felt uncomfortable and I turned away just a fraction of a second earlier than I’d have done in the case of a kissing heterosexual couple.

 In a sense it makes me sad that I even noticed it at all. I’d very much like to live in a world where neither I nor anyone else would have noticed anything unusual at all. But, at least for myself, I feel that I’m over-sensitive to such issues and that I’d probably be just as tolerant but far more relaxed and natural if I didn’t even know that there was any issue to be sensitive about in the first place.

 (I guess most people reading this blog are somewhat like-minded anyways, but if you for any reason feel inclined to fall for the standard “But homosexuality is unnatural”-argument, you mind find the following link interesting and surprising: Homosexuality in animals)