I want to do a double Ironman triathlon (swim 7.6km, cycle 360km, run 84.4 km).

There’s one race in Neulengbach (Austria), one in Lévis (France) and one somewhere in Germany … which I still have to find. Oh, and some in the US. The time limit is between 32 and 36 hours. 36 hours should hopefully be possible.

The biggest disadvantages of such races are the following:

– small number of participants. Usually between 30 and 50. So (i) I’d be almost certainly last and (ii) others would constantly pass me (see the next point).

– everything is done in laps. E.g., swim 152 50m lanes in a swimming pool, cycle 36 10km laps and run 42 2km laps.

But at least it’s a challenge and something to motivate me to go swimming regularly during the winter.

Well, we’ll see. At least it gives me something to dream about …