I used to think that a nice smartphone with built-in WLAN and GPS would qualify as the
world’s best invention – I was so wrong!

This weekend I finally discovered the true
champion in the category of usefulness: a shelf!
It’s amazing how much you can transform your room/appartment if you
pick up the huge pile of stuff spread all over your floor and you
put it into shelves in a random fashion. Suddenly you get this feeling of space.
You can even walk from the entrance door to the balcony with
a risk of tripping over a misplaced item of under 5%
(… this figure used to be close to 99.9% until last Saturday).
Now I only have to find the time and energy to take everything
out of the boxes/bags, organize/sort the things and put them
back in some sort of structured manner. Until then I’ve decided
to at least label some boxes according to their contents. Now
I have one big box labelled “Useless stuff” and another one labelled
“more useless stuff”. Not the most useful, but the most precise
description of the contents I could think of.