Last Sunday there was a triathlon (750m-30km-5km) in Vevey (close to Lausanne).
As I was neither in the mood for another costume triathlon nor to compete seriously,
I decided to go for another new experience: A relay triathlon.
One person swims, a different person cycles and a third person does the running.
I’ve never had any illusions concerning my swimming abilities (which are between poor
and non-existent … at least by triathlete standards). However,the two other
people claimed to be even less mobile once thrown into the water than me. So I agreed to
swim the amazing distance of 750m.
Sylvia and Charlie were probably in a better state of fitness, but Sylvia
(cyclist) only got her bike 3 weeks ago an Charlie (runner) hadn’t been practicing for
a couple of weeks of now. So, after thinking about it for a while, we agreed
to call our team “Trisaster” (or rather the French version “Trisastre”).
The worst part (for me) about the competition was getting up at 6:45. [My car
is currently parked about 4km from my appartment without a direct
bus connection …]
Apart from this, the second worst part was starting a competitive swimming race
with proper swimmers (… the triathlon was co-organized by the local swim club).
Anyways, I managed to swim the distance in just under 15 minutes (about 16 minutes including the time to run to the transition area and for the cyclist to exit the area). For me this was decent,
but this put us 29th (out of 39 relay teams). After cycling we were 28th
and at the finish line 24th (… Charlie came 13th among the runners).
With a better swimmer the others could have easily finished better.
But never mind. Most importantly: IT WAS FUN! The weather was great,
it was nice to do a bit of sports, to get another cool t-shirt to show off
and (at least for me) it was great to share
this experience with others.