I like mainstream/commercial salsa. Easy, catchy sing-along tunes and clear and simple rhythms. Great to dance to (in my opinion). I also like mainstream cartoons it seems.

This weekend there was a cartoon festival here in Lausanne. Without looking at the program before, I just went there on Saturday evening with a friend. We ended up going to an exhibition organized by the Atrabile publishing house. What was great: We got in for free as the guy at the door was really nice, they had free candy and chips and there were
lots of very creative and very artistic cartoons. Still, there were also a lot of “alternative” cartoons, which I somehow failed to appreciate. E.g., a poorly drawn story which went as follows:
Guy wants sex. Guy goes to discotheque. Guy hits on a couple of girls.
Guy gets rejected all the time. Guy finally finds a completely drunk/only half-conscious
chick. Guy fucks her in the bathroom. End of story.

Not exactly the conventional type of Donald Duck story I must admit (though I haven’t read recent Donald Duck stories for 1-2 years now, so thing might have changed), but I still somehow can’t quite see the artistic (or political or whatever) value of this. If it had been the first story of this kind, I’d have appreciated its originality/freshness, but given that there were several others like this (by different authors as well), I just can’t grasp the advantage over an ordinary porn magazine.

Something I did however really appreciate at the exhibition was a room with lots of post-it  notes. Each artist could use a big square of 10 x 10 post-it notes to tell a story or do whatever. A nice idea and a nice variety of different outcomes.