Anybody who knows me a bit better will have noticed that I have problems remembering certain things. Colors and cloths certainly fall in this category.

If you ask me, what color my room in Saarbrücken had (… where I spent 3 years …), well, I couldn’t quite say. A bright color, but nothing too striking (pink or so). Probably white or a light beige. (Don’t even bother asking, what color your room might have had …) Or if you ask me to tell you, what you were wearing the last time I saw you, well, again no idea. I would try to deduce it (if it was hot, then probably shorts/a skirt), but I would certainly not have a visual mental image. [Btw: I’m not color blind.]

Names can sometimes also be a problem. It happened to me before that I could have told you the whole story of someone’s life, but I could not remember his/her name. But I guess this is more common.

However, in other domains it can also be beneficial to have a bad memory. I just noticed this again the other day, when I was watching a movie for the second time (while riding my bike in my room). I really had no idea what was going to happen next. I only remembered a few scenes from the beginning and the very last scene. That was all. And it was actually a good movie. Das Leben ist eine Baustelle

Similarly, I’ve played a murder mystery for the second time … and still failed to identify the murderer. Here at least I understand why, as “who dunnit” does not matter as far as enjoying the game is concerned, and I’m always too absorbed in my own role.