I’m looking for suggestions:

This weekend there’s a triathlon (short distance: 1.5k-40k-10k) here in Lausanne. I’m pretty much not in shape at all (… I went cycling twice in the last 2 months …), but this distance is always possible to finish. But, as “competing” certainly won’t be fun, I was planning to have my first costume triathlon.

Not an easy endeavor however, as I will need not just one but THREE costumes.

Swimming: I was thinking about putting a periscope on my back. The more “obvious” choice would be a shark fin, but this would be pretentious, especially as I’m a really slow swimmer. So: Does anybody have any good idea how to make a solid, water-proof periscope? It would probably be attached to my body with a regular belt I guess. So it would sit just over the hip. Sliding should not be a problem, as I hardly move in the water anyways. 🙂 [… actually: I guess I’ll try to buy some sort of short tubes in the right shape. This should work!]

Cycling: No good idea so far. It should certainly somehow involve the bike itself. I could attach a carrier to my bike and then put something on top of it. Plus I could fix something to the frame or the steering bar. Nothing too heavy though. Ideas?

Running: The bunny with the carrot dangling in front I’ll save for the costume run in Geneva. Other ideas? I could wear the shirt and shorts backwards and then put a mask on the back of my head. Needless to say that I’d then cross the finishing line walking backwards. Other ideas would be very welcome!

Thanks for your help!!