It’s always good to have multiple career options. So on Saturday I went to have nude pictures of me taken by a professional photographer/artist (Spencer Tunick). To add to the thrill a bit, the pictures were taken on the Aletsch glacier.

Ok, there were 600 other people in the pictures as well, but it was a start. It was also a welcome change to the “normal” pictures of me wearing neoprene. The event was organized by Greenpeace to raise awareness for global warming.

For me the whole experience was certainly interesting and a bit surreal, but far less exciting than I expected. In the end, you were (or at least I was) so concentrated on following the orders that a whole herd of gorillas could have passed through the crowd unnoticed.

For some reason, most people whom I’ve told about this experience, have asked me, whether it was cold lying on the glacier. Yes, it was cold. But not as horribly cold as one might think, as one had a small pad to put under the hip and some sandals to put under the shoulders.

Finally, links to some pictures.

In this one I’m standing in the upper left corner.

Here I’m lying in the center, 4th row or so, feet to the right, pointing down a slope.

I could also be in this picture somewhere, but I haven’t managed to find myself yet.