I had my first day of Alpine hiking today.

Actually, for quite some time I saw the Alps a “bit closer” than I was originally expecting – about 10-20 centimeters in front of my face … while I was “hiking” up a mountain. I never knew that it was possible to crawl up a mountain on your knees, but that’s literally what I did. For parts we were really more climbing than anything else. I was trying to “secure” myself my holding on to bunches of Alpine grass (… no kidding!!). Certainly not the most pleasant experience of my live: going up a 60-70° (yes, degrees, not %) incline unsecured, with a backpack, when the ground is wet everywhere. Ok, enough heroism – but I was actually really scared quite a bit. At least I made it to the top and lived to tell the tale.

Why did we do it? Well, we lost track of the indicated trail and things just got gradually worse and going up seemed still easier than going down. My guide (who should probably be left anonymous, given that the person almost killed a naive I-grew-up-where-it’s-all-flat-German) assured me to have never done anything like this before. Still impressing how this chamois managed to go up about twice as fast as me.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day, and I learned at least two lessons today. Lesson 1, the movie “Death at a Funeral” is rather mediocre. Lesson 2, given the right company, near death experiences can be enjoyable. Lesson 3, I can’t count. 🙂

What a nice day. What a nice company. I feel good.