What I mean: In my (very limited) understanding, the human brain only needs a flow of blood with the right ingredients (oxygen, some nutritions) to work. Would it be conceivable to construct a machine which replaces the heart (as a pump) and various other organs (as filters, or oxygen enrichment plants) and to connect the human brain to this? [Assuming a “smooth” transition just as during a heart transplant.] Maybe it’s necessary to include the spine in this, but this would not change my principal question.

Is it impossible, because there’s a feedback loop between moods/thoughts and the ingredients of the blood (such as hormones)? But would the brain die because of this (when the organs suddenly don’t respond to demands of the brain anymore) or would it simply be in a constant “mood” all the time?

Probably any 1st year student of medicine can explain this to me. Anyone?

[Please note: I’m certainly NOT suggesting to do this. I just want to understand what’s wrong with this thought, to understand the human body better.]

[I was just about to post this question (and offer money for the answer) on http://answers.google.com when I realized that this service had been disabled. Why??]