In one of the last editions of the “Triathlon” magazine there was a report about a blind triathlete. I was really impressed by this. Regina Vollbrecht swims with some sort of rubber band between her and her partner. She cycles on a tandem. And she runs with a band tied between her wrist and the wrist of a co-runner. Running was the most difficult discipline to learn for her, as she already had some experience swimming and cycling but blind people don’t usually run. I then read on a website that she was also looking for training partners (in Berlin if I remember correctly), but Lausanne is simply a bit too far away from Berlin (or any city in Germany).

I like running. And slowly I also enjoy cycling and swimming more. So I contacted a person from the “Fondation Asile des aveugles” (refuge for the blind) here in Lausanne. She was very thankful and promised to forward my message to put me in touch with someone. I really hope that works. It would be great to share the joy of doing sports with someone.