I’ve never done this kind of thing alone before. Most people I know have certainly done it before (and have no problem with telling you). But yesterday evening I was just really in the mood for it. Originally I had other plans for the evening but another person had to pull out on short notice. So I went to an open air cinema all alone.

Hard to imagine a better setting for such a screen. The seats face Lac Leman and at the beginning the screen was still flat on the ground, so you had a marvelous view. What made things even better was that yesterday was also the Swiss national holiday, so you could see fireworks all around (but not too close as to disturb the movie experience).

Someone from the Hospitality Club (thanks Irene!!) recommended the movie “Die Herbstzeitlosen“, a Swiss comedy. Really entertaining. But I have to admit that I was very thankful to have French subtitles as my ears are not very well tuned to Swiss-“German” yet. 😉