Last night I went to a celebration of the Peruvian national holiday (independence of Spain). At the beginning there were various traditional dance performances and traditional Peruvian food and drinks (including Inca Cola), but later there was life Salsa and Bachata music, which is why went there in the first place.

Towards the end I danced one extremely enjoyable Merengue with one of the organizers (50+yrs), who was full of energy and of life. After the dance she enthusiastically complimented me on my dancing skills (and would not believe that I learned to dance in Germany). Later, when I was with a Peruvian and a Swiss guy from my student dorm here, she was passing by she would also not get tired to tell the other two guys, what a great dancer I am.

I have to admit that such a compliment coming from an experienced Latin American dancer really means a lot to me. I was sooo happy afterwards and contemplated never dancing again in my whole life, as this was clearly the highest point of my “career”. 🙂

Ah, ça fait du bien! 🙂