That’s how it should be in dancing, and that’s certainly true for “Loutop“.

It was not the most “artistic” modern dance performance I’ve seen, but it was probably the most creative one. Especially, the stage was amazing! The basic shape was a quarter-pipe (one half of a half-pipe as it is used by skaters). This on its own already allowed lots of interesting dynamical movements (sliding down, running up the wall, …). But then there were so many hidden “goodies”, such as a door opening up, holes in the vertical part to lock a chair in, small knobs coming out, so one could elegantly climb up/down the wall, a strong magnet behind to move objects on the scene, …

There were only two (main) dancers/actors and two musicians/actors. The two main characters told a pantomimic story. At first, I didn’t get it and just thought that it didn’t fit together (though the parts were interesting), but then it started to make sense.

I especially like scenes where two dancers, “working” as a couple, manage to develop a type of dynamics that an individual would not be able to put into action. Here the strongest scene of this type involved the dancers moving while being attached to each other with a long rope. A simple idea, but I hadn’t seen it before.

Overall, quite inspiring.