Somehow, I find it funny that, if you tell other triathletes that you do triathlon, the first question is almost always about your personal records. Nobody asks why you do it, or what you feel while you do it, or how you first started. They just want numbers.

Similarly, if you tell someone what you do for a living, they are often quite curious to find out, how much you earn. But they don’t seem to care whether you actually like your job, whether you get along fine with your colleagues, or whether you have a nice view from your office.

That always reminds me of the pétit prince. If you tell your parents about a new friend, they might first ask about what he does, or what his parents do. They won’t ask what his voice sounds like, whether he can tell interesting stories, or what you feel when you’re with him.

I just hope that I’ll never be such a grown-up person, and I hope that I haven’t become one yet.