I need a t-shirt with this slogan. I mean, of course, I enjoy dancing with attractive women, but I just enjoy dancing per se.

I joined some people from my appartment and other people from our student dorm to go the Montreux “Jazz Festival”. Well, there is some jazz, but it’s just a huge (read as huuuuge) 2-week music festival for all kinds of music. I was “tricked” into joining by being assured that they also play Latin American music, including salsa.

There was indeed (at least) one bar/tent where they played Merengue, Bachata, Reggeaton, Samba, R&B and other stuff, but no salsa. Not that it would have mattered, as it was far too crowded anyways.  Still, I wanted to dance at least some Merengue then.

But as it was more of a regular type of disco, most women somehow expected all guys to be sleazy and only interested in rubbing themselves against them (… which was probably a fair assumption to make in most cases). So it took me some time to find somebody to dance with. Then at least I danced for a while, until they stopped playing “danceable” music and started playing more Reggaeton.

Still, an amazing event and an interesting experience. I hadn’t been to a “regular” discotheque “with the guys” for a couple of years now. But probably I’m getting old. So, due to the lack of salsa music, space on the dance floor and women, who don’t expect you to grab their ass during the dance, I left at 3:30am.

Next weekend, I’ll try to check out a salsa disco here. Let’s see what that’s like.