… sailing!

At least that’s the impression you can get at the moment in Lausanne. In was on all the front pages and you can see posters etc. everywhere. The Alinghi team won the America Cup (a sailing competition held every 4 years). The owner of the team, and also a team member, is a Swiss billionaire. Most of the high-tech behind came from EPFL.

Apart from that, there was not really a lot of Swiss involvement. All the remaining hard-working crew members were non-Swiss. The boat designer was non-Swiss. Probably even the cleaning maids were non-Swiss. It’s like saying that Siemens is a German company. That just doesn’t make any sense in a globalized world.

But who cares. The Swiss are proud and happy and I can proudly announce that “my” new university/institute was also involved in the victory.

So feel free to congratulate me. If you ask nicely, I’ll also give autographs.