I’ve also envied those Erasmus students for their experience abroad. I mean, I also spend quite some time abroad but that was always somehow fairly organized and not really chaotic enough to mention. Finally, I also get a small share of the international chaos of living in a multi-national shared appartment with students.

When I arrived on Sunday evening here in Lausanne it was raining lightly but relentlessly. Not that unloading my car would have been fun in any case, but it certainly promised to be even less enjoyable with wet cloths. Needless to say that I was hoping to get some help from my future flatmates.

When I entered my new “home” for the first time there were about 3-4 guys (I don’t quite remember how many) sitting on the couch watching TV. I asked whether I could get any closer with the car because I had lots of things but I was already as close as possible. About 100 m away. 10 seconds if you sprint really, really fast. But considerably more if you walk with heavy stuff in your hands.

Nobody offered to help, even after 1 hour of non-stop back-and-forth between the car and the appartment (on the 1st floor [read as ground floor plus 1]). But I also didn’t ask explicitly. When I finished after about 100 minutes (through the continuous rain) I was admittedly a bit disappointed.

Later I found out that actually none of those guys lives here.  🙂

Students from different countries (Spain, Peru, Germany), a somewhat dirty kitchen, a certain general I-don’t-care-attitude  =>  my very own auberge espagnole!

Fortunately, I fit right in and the others seem to be genuinely nice (though I haven’t had much time yet to really sit down and chat).   🙂