In 2005 Norman Stadler was unlucky. After his victory in the Ironman triathlon on Hawaii in 2004, in 2005 he gave up after his second tire puncture. In 2006 he won again. []

Today, after cycling for 110 km I also gave up after my second flat tire. In fact, thy rear tire itself (and not just the tube[s]) had a big hole, so a new tire would have popped soon, just as the last one did. But I was also very lucky as, when I had the second flat tire, I was only 200 meters from a train station and a train to Saarbrücken was due in 15 minutes.

I hope that next Sunday [] I’m even luckier, so that if my tire pops, it waits until I’m 200 meters from the finish of the cycle track. 🙂

[Of course, I realize that I’m also extremely lucky to be healthy and fit enough to even attempt such a crazy thing.]