That was my average pulse during today’s triathlon in Maxdorf.

I really enjoyed the race and, by my standards, it went really well. At first, I was afraid of the cycling part, as it involved some rapid and curvy descents. I hate those. I’m a chicken and I admit it. I don’t enjoy going down a switchback with 50km/h. So, as in every race I’ve participated in so far, it also happened here that I passed people going up a hill (300m of elevations)  and then the very same people passed me going down. Still, this time it was not as bad as usual as the descent was usually not that steep.

0:44h of swimming (for 2km, in a lake), 2:55h of cycling (for 85km, pretty hilly terrain), 1:40h of running (for 20km, pretty flat), about 8 minutes of transitions. Pretty good by my standards. Pretty awful when you compare it to professional triathletes.

Anyways, I’m proud and not as tired as expected. Gives me hope and confidence for the race in Roth in 2 weeks. 3.8km-180km-42km. About twice as much. If I can manage that, then I’ll be the king of the world  🙂