A colleague of mine just told me over lunch today that he was a bit amused to see in his server log that someone found his homepage via the Google search string “submarine aerodynamics”. Now “submarine aerodynamics” is not exactly the world’s most striving research area, but as it turned out there was an airplane called “Submarine Scout” of which the aerodynamics were discussed.

Still, it can be very entertaining (and enlightening) to look at the server logs to see how people end up on your page. I was, for example, a bit stunned to realize that most of the traffic ending up at my private homepage (http://www.ingmarweber.de) actually comes through the Google query “choceur”. For some reason a short report about a chocolate party I once threw makes it to the Google top 10 search results for this query. [Oh, how my poor ego had to suffer to realize, that more people get to my homepage by pure accident than by searching for my name.]

Similarly, people have found my blog (by accident) searching for “wolfram lightbulb”, “man gotta do what a man gotta do”, “pictures of man chasing carrot” or for “You keep it going man”. Not really conclusive enough to put any meaningful ads to become rich in a month 🙂
But, who knows, maybe I’ll try out my bargaining skills and try to sell my blog as a prime spot to place carrot ads. If advertiser follow the same random patterns as people searching on Google, then this might just work.