I was never one of those “oh, the Saarbrücken is so small and everything is a bit backward” guys (or girls). For me SB has always been a great place to live in. Everything I need (supermarket, salsa disco, cinemas) within walking distance from my appartment. What more could I want?

But one thing I’ve only discovered this year, is how beautiful some of the surrounding areas are.

Yesterday, I went cycling again. Although the forecast predicted rain, I didn’t feel a single drop (… and because my skin was numb, but because it just didn’t rain). First just 60 km along the Saar to Mettlach (… passing one of the most impressive natural sites: the “Saarschleife”, where the Saar, happily flowing in one direction, suddenly changes her mind, does a sudden and tight U-turn and flows back in the direction it came from …). Parts of this route are also very nice, but nothing that ever really struck me, mostly because you have the autobahn on one side for most of the time.

But then in Mettlach I changed my plans (to continue towards Trier) and turned towards Losheim. The next 20 km or so I was always cursing as I really don’t enjoy cycling up and down hills, especially if not if there are even “warnings” for cyclists telling them “X m height difference on the next Y km”. But then I was often awarded with beautiful sights: cycling through golden fields, no soul in side, carpets of poppies, falcons and buzzards soring, and only the continuous slight hissing sound of my bike disturbing the peace. A very calming and enjoyable solitude.

On the way back to Saarbrücken, I also found out why Riegelsberg is called RiegelsBERG (“Berg”=mountain). Oh well, that was a lesson I could have lived without though. 🙂

Now my bike is full of mud (as parts went through forests where the ground was wet), my legs are still a bit stiff, but I’m already looking forward to next weekend, when I’ll have time again to go cycling for 6+ hours.