Well, actually it was Coke, but I somehow remembered that quote from Forrest Gump. Anyways, I still drank a lot after my first triathlon of this season.

Yesterday, I did a race over the “Olympic” distance in Kaiserslautern. Among triathletes this mix of 1.5k swimming, 40k cycling (… though only 37k in KL) and 10k running is also less majestically referred to as the “short distance” (where the reference point is the Ironman distance with its 3.8k-180k-42k).

Swimming was slow as usual, something like 33 minutes for the 1.5k, done in laps of 50m in a pool. At the beginning someone on my lane asked, whether we were slow or fast swimmers, so that the fast swimmers could start first. By “slow” he meant more than 24 minutes for the 1.5k. What a funny guy he was. 🙂

Cycling was more enjoyable. A very nice course. Slightly hilly but only very rarely forcing you to first gear. And no descents with more that 55km/h. At higher speeds I get very tense and start to break, which has triggered some nasty curses from other athletes in the past. Also going around curves I’m very careful. So, as in every race, I was over-taken a couple of times in curves (…. by people who were even worse in swimming than me …). But as there weren’t that many curves, I always managed to pass them again in the uphill parts. Overall it was an average speed of 33km/h, which, for a hilly course, is good for me.

Running was ok as always. Slightly under 50 minutes for the 10k. Including transitions it was around 2:35h in total. Given that for some reason there weren’t many average Joe starters like myself, this will probably put me just above the bottom fourth or so. Details will be available on Monday here http://pages.fck-triathlon.de/. Later edit: slightly better than expected. Lower half, but not lower third. http://www.trisys.de/Triathlon/Kaiserlautern/body_kaiserlautern.html#RLP-Meister

Boring post? Hmmm, well, maybe it’s interesting to mention that at least 20% of the participants were from a pretty well-known team: “US Military”. KL is very close to Ramstein, the biggest US air force base outside the US. You could tell that something funny was going on when you saw the large number of SUVs on the parking lot. 🙂