Actually I don’t remember if I’ve ever met a girl with this name. Certainly no-one who left a permanent impression. [Apologies, if your name happens to be Alexa and we’ve crossed paths before …] But the web company is really starting to grow on me (even if my homepage/blog is not [yet] listed in their traffic ranking).

A few months ago you might have read an obituary about Before it was bought/killed by AOL, it used to provide an excellent way of searching all the .mp3 files on the web. Google does not want to get their hands dirty, so their is no and a query such as will not produce any results, even though there are lots of files without copyrights out there.

But now there is “powered by alexa”. Not sure if it’s actually run by Alexa or if it uses Alexa’s web crawl information. Anyways, thank you Alexa! And thank you Russian Federation, for hosting this great service. (

Of my current favorite song I could only find the first two minutes though. Still enough to feel great!!