Why did nobody every tell me, how much fun it can be, to run a marathon in a silly costume??

As I didn’t want to burn myself out (and also want to go salsa dancing tonight) I joined the rather slow pacemaker group for a finishing time of 4:15h, which means you run each kilometer in just over 6 minutes. At this pace I could still enjoy the race and the atmosphere.

The costume worked really great! From a distance I always got strange looks, as people only saw some guy with a helmet and something sticking out in front but they couldn’t yet put the pieces together. Then, when I got closer, they realized it was actually money at the end of the rod and then they laughed. To make it absolutely clear, what the whole thing meant, I also had a sign with “Immer dem G€LD hinterher …” (“Always chasing the money …”) on my back.

A colleague of mine took some pictures, which I’ll eventually post here http://ingmarweber.de/most_random_pictures/index.htm. [Later edit: Just posted the pictures. Thanks a lot Markus!!!!!] There’s also a video at youtube, but there you can’t really see the costume http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VQePBvpa8s. And there are also some pictures available at the official photo site at http://www.halbmarathon-foto.de/index.php?id=360&backPID=360&begin_at=10&sStartnumber=402. My starting number was 402.

So, what’s next? I certainly enjoyed running in a costume and will do it again. Maybe I’ll wear a bunny costume and chase a dangling carrot the next time. 🙂

I guess not many people would put “running marathons in silly costumes” as a hobby on their CV ….