I’m glad. Hooray. I found a suitable costume for the Saarbrücken Marathon  (http://www.saarbruecken-marathon.com/)   🙂

Why would anyone want to run a marathon in a costume? Hmm, well, there are lots of good reasons. First, I’m not aiming for a great time anyways, as it’s just a long practice run in my triathlon preparation. Second, it makes people smile and laugh. And, third, I’ve never done it before  😉

So, if you have time this Sunday, you can see me chasing the money. I’ll be wearing a shirt and a tie and possibly a pair of decent trousers, but cut short. Most importantly I’ll be wearing a cycling helmet with a rod sticking out to the front. And from the end of this rod there’ll be dangling some (toy) money. No, not a carrot. Now I just have to find some pretty light rod for the helmet … and hope that none of my skeptical friends can talk me out of it  🙂

In as sense it’s trading a bit of comfortable cloths for motivation boosts from cheers and laughters.
Hopefully, that will be a trade worth making.