Politicians often have the reputation of being corrupt. Just pay them enough and, so the public opinion, they’ll push through any law you want.

Voters are more difficult to buy, at least when you’re aiming for a significant portion of the electorate. If you don’t live in Liechtenstein or Andorra, then there are just too many.

But, fortunately, there are other easier and cheaper alternatives to exert some pressure on the politicians and to have an effect on the public opinion. One such way is through demonstrations.

If people go to the streets to make their voice heard, then they usually have a good reason to do so. The problem is that in country like Germany problems have to be pretty damn serious to make people get off their couch and out onto the streets. This is bad news if you’re actually organizing such a demonstration.

So, what do you do if you’re lacking the human resources to stage an effective demonstration? Especially if you’re protesting for a cause that does not (directly) effect John Doe (such as higher wages for medical doctors in Germany) you have a problem. So … you outsource. Just go to http://www.erento.com and rent some demonstrators. The cause doesn’t really matter, the payment however does. Of course, it doesn’t really help your cause that much, if this then gets public (as it did in the case of the poor doctors).

A reporter also tried to rent some demonstrators to protest both for and against a public smoking ban. He had not trouble whatsoever. Here are some pictures (with comments in German):


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