There are cold flames, flightless birds and also at least one (almost) wordless writer.

But, fortunately for me, there’s always the escape route to the meta level: If you don’t know what to write you can always babble about having nothing to write about.

For the reader it seems to be more difficult to do the same trick. He can’t escape as easily and just start “reading about reading”, because then someone would have had to write about reading – and so you’re just reading on the ground level again.

But he can still try not to play according to the author’s rules by “reading between the lines” (although somehow nobody ever seems to write between the lines … at least my blogging software does not seem to allow it). If that still doesn’t satisfy his thirst for literature he can always go and read his own mind, which might still be more exciting that reading this post  😉


Oxymorons for the masses: