… sobering or even depressing how smoothly some dancers can move. I mean, I usually don’t think I have a stick up my butt (though I’ve never formally checked), but when I see Hugo Marcel move, or rather flow, I feel a bit as if I’ve never danced in my whole life. Amazing guy.

… comforting to know that, even after a 3-hours salsa workshop, I just need to gulp down a pack of gummi bears (not the original Haribo ones though), fill my water bottle, tie my shoes and I’m ready to run 35 km. Ok, after 28 km I briefly doped myself with three cones of soft ice-cream but the last time I checked, ice-cream was not yet on the doping list. [Interestingly, caffeine used to be under a doping ban, which was only lifted 4 years ago.]

… nice to feel the positive feedback loop of two runners in action. Without a colleague of mine I’d have run not as far (35km) and not as fast (3:15h). I think that at least at the end it was the same for him. The funny thing is that it doesn’t really matter if you talk or not (or if you even know the person, as I realized in my last half-marathon). All that matters is that there is someone who keeps you going.

… Sunday evening and my turn to clean the bathroom now.

… Monty Python’s Flying Circus! – On youtube.com: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=monty+python+flying+circus&search=Search