Men are just tall boys. I guess that sort of applies to me, too. 😉

Recently I (re-)discovered my fascination for flying things … in particular remote controlled ones. Of course, one could just throw a TV set into the air to, strictly speaking, satisfy those conditions, but so far I restrained myself to small r/c airplanes and helicopters.

Both are made mostly for indoor usage. So, as you can guess, the helicopter has the “slight” advantage over the airplane that it can also just float in the air without the need of forward drive. [Btw: A physics lecturer once told me (and the remaining 80 students) that the Bernouilli effect only accounts for 10-20% of the uplift force. Much more relevant are, apparently, forces created by circular airflow. This flow also creates a “vortex” when the plane takes off and this vortex can then be dangerous for planes which are about to land/take off.] But then it has the disadvantage of being much more difficult to maneuver, especially as it’s a very light (and cheap) model (3 channels: up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward – really cool models have up to 6 channels ….).

Oh, you should have seen the joy and excitement in the eyes of my colleagues (… computer scientists …) when they saw the helicopter and could also play with it. A colleague bought a more expensive model for himself the same day.

So, if you have a geek in the family and need to get a gift for him (or her?): Conrad (an electronics store) offers airplanes/helicopters from 25 Euros to XXX Euros. Now I just have to learn how to properly steer my helicopter and then I’ll be the happiest kid on the world.

I also didn’t know that there are even (very expensive) helicopter models which can do loopings and fly on their back! I have to get myself one of those … when I grow up!  🙂